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What is an accredited Queensland Government Fire Ant Approved business?

As an accredited Queensland Government Fire Ant Approved Business we are all too familiar with the ‘super-pest’ fire ants. Being a ‘super-pest’ the Queensland Government have implemented a ‘ten year eradication plan’ targeting an extermination effort of the nuisance insect over four geographical areas throughout SEQ. Fire ants are an extremely aggressive insect to both humans and other animals alike. Fire ants also have the potential to fatally damage plant roots and stems. Their bites can be extremely painful and last multiple days to a week.

At AWD Civil, as an accredited Queensland Government fire ant approved business, we play an important role in assisting with this eradication plan. We follow biosecurity measures to ensure that during the process of moving materials and carrying out business we take all reasonable steps to not spread the location of fire ants.

Additional obligations we adhere to:

  • Following movement controls of materials
  • Having a sound knowledge of what fire ants look like and the materials they might be transported in
  • Being aware of ‘hot-spot’ zones where the ants reside
  • Thoroughly inspect materials before transporting them
  • Report suspect ants to the relevant authorities
  • Ensure staff, contractors and sub-contractors are all aware of these measures
  • Check that incoming materials to our sites have been lawfully moved
  • Clean off machinery and equipment that could have been used on materials carrying the pests
  • Treat fire ants to assist reducing spreading them

AWD Civil knows the importance of earned accreditations which is why we take our position as an accredited Queensland Government fire ant approved business seriously. To work with an environmentally responsible company on your next infrastructure project call the friendly AWD Civil team on 07 3200 5766.

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